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How to Make Hand Propeller Fly Higher

To make hand propeller fly higher, we must first know its flight characteristics.

Hand propeller flight is characterized by the following three points:

1. Difference between lift and gravity, if lift is less than gravity, hand propeller can not fly normally, so the blades need to be made as thin as possible

2. Relationship between lift and resistance: lift increases with increase of angle of blade, and resistance also increases. At a certain critical angle,increase rate of lift force is smaller than increase rate of resistance force, so that size of resistance force cannot be achieved. The accepted level is stall, which will seriously affect flight performance. Therefore, angle of blade of hand propeller should not be too large. It is recommended to choose around 15 degrees

3. Position of center of gravity: If position of center of gravity is not on the geometric center line of hand propeller, flight of hand propeller will be unstable. It is necessary to ensure the verticality between vertical bamboo stick and blade, otherwisetail of hand propeller will swing severely when flying, and eventually destabilizes, stalls

From flight characteristics of hand propeller, we conclude that flying height of hand propeller depends on its weight, propulsion, blade angle and wing area.


How to make hand propeller fly higher? it can be increased by reducing its weight, reducing its resistance, keeping the blades in a reasonable position, increasing its propulsion and changing its flying attitude to increase its flying height.


Scientists invented airplane based on hand propeller toy. hand propeller is a good scientific toy for studying aerodynamics. It is very beneficial to cultivate children's love for scientific research since childhood.


Imprinted hand propeller with your company logo be given to kids as gifts will be so popular.