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How to Use Amazing Arrow Helicopter


How to use amazing arrow helicopter includes 5 aspects: fold the blades, launch, LED light decay, replace the battery, store

About folding amazing arrow helicopter blades: standard for folding the blades is that left and right blades should be symmetrical, and the angle of blades should be the same, so that the flight can be stable

About launching: when launching amazing arrow helicopter, rubber band should be smoothed and stretched to the longest, and launching force should be used to the maximum, so that it can fly very high

About LED light decay: brightness of LED light is very high when it is first used, and brightness will be slightly weaker after 30 minutes to 1 hour. After a longer time, brightness of LED light may be weaker. At this time, light decay characteristics of LED light, at this time We can turn off the LED light for a few minutes and turn it on again, and LED light will return to its original brightness again

About battery replacement: AG3 battery will no longer work after dozens of hours of continuous use. At this time, you can go to your local battery store to buy the same type of battery replacement.

About storage:
When not playing, put amazing arrow helicopter back into the opp bag and seal it well to avoid oxidation of the leaves and rubber bands

The above are the five aspects of how to use amazing arrow helicopter.


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