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Can the Beloved Falling Amazing Arrow Helicopter Hurt PeopleProven Best Amazing Arrow Helicopter Folding Instructions


In the process of testing the flying effect of amaing arrow helicopter, we folded the blades tens of thousands of times, and the following methods have been proved to be the best amazing arrow helicopter folding instructions:


First of all, the leaves at both ends are folded outwards according to the folding lines (each end has 2 folding lines). The folding force should not be too light so that the traces of folding cannot be seen, but it should not be folded too tightly, and the creases should not be folded obliquely. The crease must be a horizontal line, otherwise it will affect the flying effect of the flying arrow


Then, from the part where the leaf is fixed to the frame of the flying arrow, use your hands to gently smooth it from bottom to top, so that the shape of the leaf after folding is like a small umbrella


Finally, if the blade of the flying arrow is no longer in the shape of a small umbrella after flying several times, it needs to be smoothed again and continue to fly


Above amazing arrow helicopter folding instructions may some help for end users.


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