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For importers or importing individuals, how to get the best products prices


To obtain the best products prices, importers or importing individuals can usually start from two aspects:

1. Products cost

2. Shipping method


Cost of products usually depends on the customer's order quantity, product packaging requirements, etc. We will provide different price discounts for different customer order quantities. The requirements for product packaging are simple and the packaging cost will be low.


For the transportation method, we explain in detail the following 3 transportation methods:

1. For small quantity orders, we generally choose to deliver directly to the consignee's company or private address by international express such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc. This method of transportation is a bit fast, but the disadvantage is that the transportation cost is high. Some products are suitable for this mode of transportation. It is not suitable for low-cost, heavy-weight goods including bulky goods. The transportation cost of international express will increase the total cost of such products, thereby reducing the cost of importers or individuals. profits.

2. If you want to get a break on the transportation cost, the customer had better order more at one time to meet the requirement of 1-2CBM for sea transportation, which can greatly save the transportation cost. The cost of sea transportation is much cheaper than that of international express. Sea freight to Hong Kong CIF and Haipai means head sea freight plus local delivery. The consignee can choose according to the needs. Although the cost of sea freight is low, the timeliness is relatively slow. Generally, it takes 20-35 days to complete the entire transportation process, plus the time for import customs clearance. It will take longer.

3. There is a mode of transportation that is in the middle of cost and transportation time is air dispatch, that is, the first journey is air transportation, and the freight company will deliver to the consignee's address after arriving at the consignee's place. The transportation cost of this method is higher than that of international express. Sea freight plus delivery is higher, and the timeliness is a few days slower than international express, much faster than sea freight, and the transportation safety and stability are worse than international express.

From the above 3 transportation methods, the cost of sea transportation is the lowest


Finally, we concluded that if you want to get the best products prices, importers and individuals can save costs in terms of purchase quantity, packaging, transportation, etc.