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Highest Quality Original LED Sky Shooter Tracer Toy

Material: top grade Germany imported plastic

Color: green, yellow, orange, pink, blue, clear, white...

payment: tt, western union, paypal

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Original LED Sky Shooter Tracer Toy 


Hottest LED sky shooter tracer toy from China only producer HuaYi Industry CO., Limited.

Launcher shapes:

viper shape launcher

y style shape launcher

Y style launcher (especially designed for kids) advantages:

no fatigued fingers

no shot, hurt which safe to fingers

Body colors of LED sky shooter toy:

white, clear, light blue, dark blue, pink, orange, green, yellow...any pantone color if needed

LED light colors:

steady single blue, can be white, yellow, red, green...if specify

red and blue color changing

multi-color flashing

Rubber bands colors:

Rubber bands length:
6 inch
7 inch
8 inch

Which parts HuaYi seperately sell:

extra wings

extra rubber bands

extra batteries

Regular Packing:

1pcs/opp bag(individually packed), 25pcs/big plastic bag, 1000pcs/case without instructions

3-Pack packing:

1pcs/opp bag(individually packed), 3pcs and 1 instructions into one middle plastic bag, 30pcs/big plastic bag, 1200pcs/case


Customized services:

customized stickers

customized instructions

customized wings

customized copter shape and funcation

customized packaging

customized carton

customized LED light color and quantity