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Amazing Arrow Helicopter Wholesale Custom

Amazing Arrow Helicopter Toy Wholesale Custom 

Material: plastic+battery+LED+rubber band


Payment: T/T, WU, Paypal

Wings color: dark pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, white, clear...

LED Light color: blue or other colors

Power: AG10*3 replaceable

HS code: 9503009500

direclty ships from China

Email: sales@huayiinc.com

Whatsapp/wechat: +8618098204571

More details

Amazing Arrow Helicopter OEM ODM:  

upgrade of amazing arrow helicopter

This upgraded Amazing Arrow Helicopter is the end of the poor quality ones.


Why choose HuaYi? China most professional amazing arrow helicopter supplier:

manufacturing different types helicopters

could print customers's logo and information on toy body like wings, handles, and customers' information on outside packaging

pre-fold wings

rubber bands attached to launcher

change LED light color into other colors like white, yellow, red, green...

OEM and ODM new designs of helicopters...

also sell small parts like wings, battery, rubber band, handle

print new battery case stickers with customers' logo, company name, website...

printing and folding paper instructions

private label, barcoding

customized package

various wing design

UPC code for retail display package

top quality and stable large supply

fast delivery

technical support and customer service

opp bag and color card packaging amazing arrow helicopter

3 pack amazing arrow helicopters toy

blister card packaging amazing arrow helicopter

tube packaging amazing arrow helicopters toy

HuaYi do almost everything on this amazing helicopter toy to keep it be ready to shoot for end users, they never complain they do not know hot to play again!

kids party favor amazing arrow helicopter

people launching amazing arrow helicopter

Play amazing arrow helicopter video: 


How to fold video:


Kids fly amazing arrow helicopter in dark night

















How to play (use) amazing arrow helicopter(instructions):

step 1: folding Led amazing arrow helicopter toy into spiral shape, holding the tail of Led space flying saucer with right hand

step 2: stretch rubber band tightly with left hand. (notice: do not point to any people);

Step 3: let off your right hand, then launching this arrow helicopters into air with its rubber band (elastic band), watch it fly into sky lit up by its Led light. When this flying light up helicopter rocket reaches maximum height with 30-50 meters, its blade open and it drop to the earth again while spinning very fast.

new round quality wings amazing arrow helicopter

Below some Amazing Arrow Helicopter parts like wings, handles, batteries, Led light switches, semi-finished goods, finished products and package photos from HuaYi production spot:


Time and place suitable for amazing arrow helicopter be played:

best play at night so that you can see the light's perfect working

 suitable for playing in open air with few trees/buildings in the evening, like square, lawn, park, playground, commerical street, beach etc.


Ideal sale occasions:

festivals like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day(July 4th), school games and education course…


Perfect selling place:

flee market, toy store near school, wholesale plaza, playground, outside supermarkt, shopping mall, facebook, twitter, online store location community forum...


Who can sell amazing arrow helicopter very well?

Toy importer for us, toy distributor, toy wholesaler, toy retailer, or any other ones who love this toy and like to selling them to get profit and make some change to become engaged in funny toys. Especially for college students part time job selling


this amazing arrow helicopter can be spinning and fall down softly. It is amazing with the LED light. It is just like an flashing mushroom (Led flying umbrella) floating from sky to earth.


About mold:

if customer like change the shape of amazing arrow helicopter, we need open new mold, left is our current mold.                      

HuaYi offer various packaging for amazing arrow helicopter:

 like netural opp bag, opp bag with color paper card, color plastic bag

blister card, plastic tube color box, color bags on color paper card…

customer send us packaging design, or we can make design for cusotmer,  also can pack different quantity(like 2 units, 3 units, 5 units) into 1 pack.

3 pack highest quality amazing arrow helicopter toy


amazing arrow helicopter color box design  

Where print customer's logos to show personality and promote customers' brand? 

a. wings

b. frame

c. sticker

d. instructions

e. packaging

f. outside carton


Requirement MOQ
amazing arrow helicopter with poly bag package 50pcs
print battery case sticker, print label & stick on each bag, barcoding, instructions paper  1200pcs
design instructions insert and sticker in AI format 1200pcs
help for fofolding wings, rubber bands in launchers 6000pcs
customzied package 24000pcs
print customers' logo on wings, helicopter body, helicopter handle  24000pcs
change wings shape, color  60000pcs
change whole helicopter shape 100000pcs


For ages:

3 and up

amazing arrow helicopter use instruction and note
















Left and below iamges show you right folding and operation instructions on amazing arrow helicopter and some wrong from users.

For wholesale:

available for like 100pcs, 1 carton, 3 cartons, 5 boxes, 10 boxes…, we will send amazing arrow helicopter to you by 1)air or by express service like DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, EMS to door; 2) by air to airport; 3) by sea to seaport; 4) to any China railway to Russia country etc;5) send to any China place warehouse…


For mass order:

some customers order one 20 feet container(FCL), some order less than one container(LCL), both ok, we can help customer find well and years cooperated sea shipment forwarder, you do need worry about anything, we will do all for you, you just go to your seaport pick up 

For retail:

we do not offer retail sale(like less than 25pcs)

Market time:

July, 2010

Customer's confused questions on battery stickers:

can we not using the stickers outside batteries? We suggest customer better keep or change the stickers to keep batteries not leak out     


Two reasons for keep battery stickers on over battery case:

stickers can better protection these inside batteries 

Labels there be more smoothly for import customs clearance


Quantity                        Cubic meter       Weight

1carton=1200pcs           0.087CBM           12.5kgs

5CTN=6000pcs               0.435CBM           62.5kgs

10CTN=12000pcs           0.87CBM             125kgs

  20FT=295CTN=354000pcs   25.665CBM  3687kgs 

  40GP=620CTN=744000pcs   53.94CBM   7750kgs  


About price and quality:

HuaYi promise only sell highest quality flying helicopter! Some customers import some very cheap and unbelievable price helicopters from other suppliers, some of them selling at park or playground, when chidren buy from them, they only play 2-3 times, then these helicopters could not work again(wings easy broken, light put out, flying not stable...), children will ask these customers replace them one, so bad quality helicopters will make customers lose money. HuaYi receive too many emails from these cutomers with quality claims and ask we sell to them and they stop importing from other supplier again.



less than 5 cartons is 1 days, more than 5 cartons is 2-3 days.


by international expressing service to door is 2-3 working days, by air to airport is 3-4 working days, by sea is 20-30 days.

HuaYi sell these amazing 588 arrow helicopter to following 80 countries(huayi call amazing arrow helicopter's global tour):

America, Canada, France, United kingdom, Germany, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy, Hungary,Portugal, Norway, Monaco, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, Grace, Cyprus, Spain, Belgium, Netherland, Ireland, Romania, Russia,Slovakia, Lithuania, BelarusUkraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Czech, Australia, New Zealand, south korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines,  Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Guam, Puerto RicoCaribbean, Polynesia, curacao, Cook Island, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Mongolia, Columbia, Kuwait, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Iran, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates, Libya, Turkey, Taiwan, HK, China

best folding system new amazing helicopter toy

Customers’ 100 questions on amazing arrow helicopter

Q: when i travel at HK, Thailand i saw this helicopter toy, and found very interesting, is it made in HK or Thailand?

A: no, it is made in China.

Q: Amazing arrow helicopter MOQ?

A: 25pcs.

Q: Could I get free samples?

A: yes, will send you free samples if you pay for shipping cost from China to your country.

Q: will I get discount when I order in large quantity?

A: yes, different quantity different price, more quantity you order, more cheap price is.

Q: Can I get my required colors of amazing helicopter?

A: normally try best to meet your color requirement.

Q: How long send out my/our goods?

A: less than 2cartons, within 1 business day.

   2-20cartons, 3 business days.

   More than 20cartons, 5-7 business days.

   20FT, 40GP, 8-20 business days.

Q: Which shipping way you will send out my/our goods? And how long is the transportation time?

A: Less than 100kg, send out by DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS international expressing service to your door. 2-3 working days.

  More than 100kg, by air to airport. 3-7 days.

  More than 2CBM, by sea to sea port. 10-30 days.

Q: if I want buy few and need at once, and I hope buy from your USA distributor, is this possible?

A: sure, we will happy contact our USA distributor send goods to you directly.

Q: Could you send rubber band helicopters to my/our agent which in Guangzhou, Shenzhen office/warehouse?

A: yes.

Q: Could you send arrow helicopters to my/our customers directly and promise you will not contact our customers?

A: sure, we promise.

Q: Will you handle import duties for us about amazing arrow helicopter?

A: for orders shipped out by DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT,  our price included product cost & shipping cost only, not include import duties

For order shipped by air to airport or by sea to seaport, we could do import customs clearance jobs and pay import duties for customers


Q: Will you save some import tax for us

A: yes, will.

Q: Can I get extra batteries? Are they free or charged?

A: Yes, we sell extra batteries, they are charged.

Q: Can I get extra wings? Are they free or charged?

A: Yes, we sell extra wings, they are charged.

Q: Can you pack 3pcs or 4pcs amazing arrow helicopter into one cellophane bag?

A: Yes, we will do this packing way for you.

Q: Can you make new battery case stickers with my personal or company logo (information, website, company name, contact phone) printed on? MOQ?

A: Yes, MOQ is only 1carton 1500pcs.

Q: Can you print my personal or company logo (information, website, company name, contact phone) on wings, helicopter body, launch handle? MOQ?

A: Yes. MOQ is 1500pcs, first order should order 20000 wings

Q: Can you do customized package with my personal or company information? What is the MOQ?

A: Yes, MOQ is 20000pcs.

Q: Can you print amazing arrow helicopter instructions paper, folding them for me? What is the MOQ?

A: Yes, MOQ is 1500pcs.

Q: Can you print amazing arrow helicopter instructions paper, folding them for me? What is the MOQ?

A: Yes, MOQ is 1500pcs.

Q: Private label and bar code on poly bag, ok? What is the MOQ?

A: Yes, MOQ is 1500pcs.

Q: Can you change helicopter wings color & shape? What is MOQ?

A: yes, MOQ 20000pcs.

Q: I want amazing arrow helicopter in my own design, could you do? MOQ?

A: yes, we will open new mold for your new design, MOQ is 50000pcs.

Q: I bought lots from other supplier, but most of helicopters damaged, you offer good quality?

A: Yes, our helicopters only with high quality to keep you sell them very well to end users.

Q: How about your amazing arrow helicopter price?

A: We offer cheapest price which based on high quality. But we would not like compare our price with those bad quality helicopters suppliers.

Q: I find other person or company sell your amazing arrow helicopter at our territory, they are my/our competitors, if i/we like only the sellers at my/our area, can you give me/us this right?

A: Yes, if you think with high ability, we will sign exclusive distribution agreement with you. In agreement, we will ask you finish certain sales volume at your area for each year and certain order quantity from us at initial stage.

wholesale case amazing arrow helicopter 1500pcs


shipment way options:

to any address or customers' warehouse in China

by expressing service via. DHL/FEDEX/EMS/UPS to customers' door

By air to airport

by sea to customers' destination seaport include import customs clearance

HuaYi amazing arrow helicopters assemble line and warehouse


Packing details: 

product packing carton size chargeable weight(length*width*height) gross weight net weight
amazing arrow helicopter Packaging: 1pcs/pp bag, 50pcs/pp bag, 1500pcs/ctn 60*40*41cm 21kg(61*40*41/5000) 17kgs 165.kg

HuaYi EN71 testing report for amazing arrow helicopter

How to place an order?

inquiry to email: sales@huayiinc.com, whatsapp/wechat/Tel: +8618098204571---quotation---customer confirm price---proforma invoice---make payment---send goods---receive goods

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