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Upgraded Night Arrow Copter Flying Light

Upgraded Night Arrow Copter Flying Light

material: eco-friendly German imported plastic

Body color: green, yellow, orange, blue, white, pink, clear....

Frame length: 16cm

Wings width: 2cm

Wings thickness: 0.2mm

Payment: T/T, western union, paypal

Made and ships from China

Email: sales@huayiinc.com

Whatsapp/wechat: +8618098204571

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Highest Quality Upgraded Night Arrow Copter Flying Light Whole and Customization From China only Factory HuaYi

hottest night arrow copter flying light

Upgraded Night Arrow Copter Flying light is the best night flying toys for both kids and adults.



Highest launching with 200-250 feet into sky

Eco-freindly raw material

Durable wings never break

High intensity L.E.D

Wings and sling shot could be in neon colors

Perfect cobra and y style launchers

Super long and thick rubber bands

High capacity AG3 batteries with long lifetime

NO. 1 night arrow copter flying light

How to order:

Inquires to Email: sales@huayiinc.com, whatsapp/wechat: +8618098204571, price, invoice, payment, producing and shipping, receiving order