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Highest Quality Original LED Sky Shooter Tracer Toy

Highest Quality Original LED Sky Shooter Tracer Toy

Material: top grade Germany imported plastic

Color: green, yellow, orange, pink, blue, clear, white...

payment: tt, western union, paypal

ships and made from China

Email: sales@huayiinc.com

Whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

More details

Highest Quality Original LED Sky Shooter Tracer Toy

hottest original LED sky shooter toy

Hottest LED sky shooter tracer toy from China only producer HuaYi Industry CO., Limited.


Which parts HuaYi seperately sell:

extra wings

rubber bands


Customized services:

customized stickers

customized instructions

customized wings

customized copter shape and funcation

customized packaging

customized carton

customized LED light color and quantity

led sky shooter toy in bulk packaging

How to order:

inquires to Email: sales@huayiinc.com, whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571---pricing-invoice---payment---producing and shipping---export and import customs---receive order