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LED flying flash sling copter rocket arrow flyer toy parachute mushroom wholesale custom

wholesale customize original round tip wings LED light up flashing slingshot copters rockets toy

Best quality guaranteed led copters toys

Body color: green, yellow, pink, orange, blue, white, clear...

Light color: single blue, red & blue 2 color changing, multi-color flashing, other colors if speicfy

Light bulb quantity: 1 or 2

Net weight: 10g

Payment: TT, WU, Paypal

Email: sales@huayiinc.com

Whatsapp/wechat: +8618098204571

More details

wholesale customize highest quality rounded tip thick wings LED flying flash sling copters helicopters rockets arrow flyers toy parachute mushroom toys from china NO. 1 copter factory

top quality led rockets copters wholesale custom

people shooting HuaYi strong quality cool y wishbone shaped launcher copter toys at night

Huayi Gurantee our highest quality copters:

**0.2mm thickness wings never break**

**Indestructible German imported PE plastic raw material**

**Super bright and high quality L.E.D lights**

**Safety slingshot specially designed for kids**

**Batteries last 40-60 hours continuous actual play time**

**fly over 150 feet high**

Why choose HuaYi?

**10 years producing experience on LED copters"

**the first factory who produce LED copters"

**supply a large nubmers copters in the stable and long term way**

**strictly quality examine and supervision system**

**most competitive price**

launch strong quality rounded thick wings LED light up copters

big kids launching LED light up flying flash copter toy strong quality rounded thick wings y shaped lanuchers .png

Original LED copters China manufacturer HuaYi Industry CO., Limited

bulk packaging original LED copters toy with cobra padddle launcher

3 pack original quality LED copters with viper cobra launcher

top quality cobra launcher Light up copters toy

top quality wishbone led copters toy

Original slingshot launcher LED copters China producer HuaYi Industry CO., Limited

top quality copters in plastic clear tube packaging

blister card packaging flashing slingshot Original LED copters toy

3 pack LED starz and fly copter from China producer HuaYi Industry CO., Limited

Original LED copters toy China Producer HuaYi Industry CO., Limited Warehouse

led copters with new version fluorescent effect more bright hello fold here printed on

led light up copters wings with fluorescent effect in the dark night

Strong quality rounded thick wings large rubber band led flash copters rockets shooters toy

new style rounded tip  thick wings led flying copters toy with fold here printed near folding lines

strong quality round thick wings led copters rockets toy with large rubber bands

led strong quality copters rockets rounded thick wings yellow color

led copters toy orange color highest quality

led strong quality copters rockets rounded thick wings green color

led strong quality rounded wings copters rockets toy basic single package

LED strong quality flash copters rockets toy single package

LED copter in tube package

led starz copter toy

Strong high quality lED copters rockets helicopters slingshots toy kids night flyer with super bright LED light

cobra launchers led copters rockets toy with fold here printed on wings

led copter quality wings

led copters ready in case

cobra launcher copters flashing

y shaped launcher led copters

LED copters are coolest flying toy in night sky!

China professional flying flash sling copter rocket arrow flyer toy parachute mushroom supplier! HuaYi do almost everything on this copter toy which ready to shoot, end users will no complain on they do not know how to play again!


HuaYi do all for customers on copters:

manufacturing different types(small size, large size, cobra shape launchers, wishbone shape launchers, rounded curved strong wings, super glow neon wings, best folding angle line system, one blue LED and two red & blue LED bulbs light, with whistle, large thick long and small rubber bands)

could custom print customers's logo on copter body like wings, handles, frame and customers' information on outside packaging,

make different quantity packs(3 pack, 4 pack,15 pack)

pre-fold wings

rubber band attach into launcher

change LED light color from single blue to other colors

could design new styles also  

No junk helicopters again, just original top highest quality coers! All customers include vendors buy from us make much money all the time

atver brand(flare copter or original copter) or other poor quality led copers you sell before, now this is the right one you should sell, original high quality but cheap to make tons of money.


ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TODfh4AKRocketRama LED copter 3pcs per pack instructions logo print cobra snake shaped launcher

rocket copter RocketRama LED toy night flyer custom

custom 3pcs per pack LED copter rocket helicopter slingshot toy strong quality rounded wing cobra snake shaped launcher

glow copters with fluorescent wings 3 pack

light up copters fluorescent wings 3 pack


Customization information:

Min. order quantity Customized service
1500pcs battery compartment stickers personalized with logo printing
1500pcs design instructions(directions) insert, design sticker in AI(adobe Illustrator) format
4500pcs help for folding wings and rubber bands in launcher
4500pcs battery compartment sticker with logo printing+instrustions sheet insert, blister card packaging
10000pcs copters and 10000 extra wings battery compartment sticker with logo printing+ instrustions sheet insert+ logo on wings+handles+ copter body+ customized packaging
24000pcs change LED flash copter's shape, function, battery compartment sticker with logo printing+ instrustions sheet insert, logo on wings(blade)+handles+ copter body+ customized packaging

Different names for copters:

flash copter, flare copter, sling copter, camp copter, coptaz, helyco, glow copter, comet copter, firefly, flying parachute, original copter, arrow copter, LED slingshot helicopter, light up sling shot copter, LED arrow helicopter, LED flyer, copter flyer, flippy flyers, shooting star, skyscraper, mushroom, rocket copter, LED arrows, loko copter, comet copter, amazing arrow helicopter, sky choppers, night choppers, sky copters, catapult copter, dragonfly copter, LED fireworks, electric fireworks, Rocket Rama, shootstar copter, astrocopters, LED sky moon shooter, sky tracer, light up slingshot dragonfly, fluorescent bamboo dragonfly...


New angle folding lines advantages:

with the staight line on the top make the copters spin low and hover longer time

Different types of launchers available:

cobra viper launcher slingshots(with paddle to put thumb on), y shaped wishbone slingshot launchers

LED light color options:

single blue, red & blue flashing color changing, multi-color flashing

rounded thick wing strong quality LED copter helicopter tooy with Y shaped slingshot launcher

round thick wings led copters y shaped wishbone launcher 8 inch large rubber bands

strong quality round thick wings led copters rockets y shaped wishbone slingshots launchers 8 inch large rubber bands

strong thick wings y shaped slingshot wishbone launcher led copters rockets toy wholesale custom

All new style copters(whistle copters, copter with best folding angle lines, copter with cobra snake hole launchers) in HuaYi, contact us to get only highest quality led copters.

Contact huayi and create your own branded copter for wholesale or retail sale at your local territory and make money fast!

Sell to who: kids, adults with inner child.

China HuaYi offer you high and stable quality flying toy copter, you just need sell at your area by yourself or employ some sales associates to help you make money, a good toy make your business so easy.

How to sell:

sell copter at night (with booth) at your booth, street, park, beach..., sell copter toy online, like amazon, ebay, facebook, twitter, even other...

What HuaYi sell:

extra wings

extra batteries

extra rubber bands

What HuaYi not sell:

single led copter frame without wings

What HuaYi customize personalized on LED copters:

imprint customers' owned stickers

print customer's logo on wings, body, launcher, insert instructions(website addess, company name, brand)

customized copter wings and body colors

imprint personal logo on inner and outsider packaging

UPC code for retail display package

3 or 4 or any pieces into 1 pack

OEM for developing new mold for various styles of copters welcome

Color of strong quality LED copters we send in per case:

whole case coming with one color or mixed colors acceptable

What others we do for ready to shoot on led rockets toy:

pre-fold wings

attach rubber bands into launchers

As this amazing arrow helicopter toy sweeping the world these 7 years, HuaYi are looking for distributors vendors every corner of worldwide to make money so easy..., any person or business company could join us.

China only manufacturer of  top strong quality rounded wings LED copters who producing for several USA copter brands and many other small wholesalers, retailers, vendors for over 7 years. 

Production capacity: 500,000pcs per month.

H.S. code: 950300.

Gurantee: 2 years.

item packing case size chargeable weight G.W./N.W. 20ft  container qty
LED wholesale flying flash sling copters rockets arrow helicopters flyer toy bulk packaging 1pcs/pp bag, 25pcs/big pp bag, 1500pcs/case without instructions 61*41*41cm 21kg 17/16kgs


LED copters 3pcs per pack package 1pcs/pp bag, 3pcs/pack with 1 instructions insert, 30pcs/big pp bag, 1200pcs/case 61*41*41cm 21kg 19/18kgs 300000pcs

Artworks of battery compartment sticker, instructions inserts, customized packaging:

more than 300dpi, vector file format(AI, CDR) will be better

Ship in: 1-3days

payment: tt, western union

send out by dhl, ups, fedex, ems or by sea

Warm suggestion:

as led copter is seasonal toy, which be more hot in summer than in other season, copters be sold out very quickly, and many customers like to purchase during this time, so sometimes we may not have stock, if customers could order a week earlier, that will not delay.


Free copter samples:

Strong quality copters samples: huayi offer free sample for quality checking if customer cover freight


do not point at any people or anminal

stay clear of trees, rooftops, and leadges

adult supervision recommended for children 5 and under 

Inspection and quality:

inspect copters one by one before shipment

Workers: only skilled workers to ensure highest quality

stable quality 

no complain on quality


Shipment ways:

by dhl, ups, fedex, ems expressing services not include import customs clearance service

by air to airport include import customs clearance service if needed

by sea to seaport include import customs clearance service if needed



1-3 business days for wholesale order less than 2 cases

3-5 business days for more than 2cases wholesale order

5-15 business days for custom order or bulk production order


China leading industry in LED copters, HuaYi Industry CO., LTD.

China quality LED copters solution provider solve all problems with LED copters.

original led copters toy manufacturing shop

LED copters packing department and warehouse corner

HuaYi EN71, F963,  test report for LED glow copters:

HuaYi en71 test report for LED glow copters toyhuayi usa f963 testing report for led slingshot copters toy

USA CPSIA testing report for LED slingshot rocket copter helicopters toy

How to place an order on original highest quality LED copters:

inquiry to Email: sales@huayiinc.com or whatsapp/wechat/Tel: +8618098204571---quotation---invoice---payment---send out order or production---customs---receive goods