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ornithopter toy rubber band powered flying bird 308

ornithopter toy rubber band powered flying bird 308 wholesale cheap price

Code: plastic parts, wood, bamboo stick, plastic color paper

Size: bird body length 35cm, wings span 42cm

Model: 308

Color: multi colors

Payment: TT, WU

Unit weight: 14g

Email: sales@huayiinc.com

Whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

More details

ornithopter toy rubber band powered flying bird 308 China factory direct price

rubber band ornithopter flying birds toy big size new
big size ornithopter flying birds rubber band toy


DIY assembling ornithopter flying bird video: http://s1117.beta.photobucket.com/user/huayiinc/media/Howtoassembleornithoptertoyrubberbandpoweredflyingbird308.mp4.html

Flying effect video: http://s1117.beta.photobucket.com/user/huayiinc/media/Ornithoptertoyflappingbirdflyingeffect.mp4.html



Ornithopter iron bird toy powered with rubber band flying like a real bird by flapping its wings!

Principles of flight:  biomimetic, stimulate volant of real birds.

Features: educational, early development, funny.

Power: using elastic energy released to drive into the wings up and down.

New style ornithopter toy with edge binding, not easy for paper to be fall off.


Assembling and fly:

Assembling time: 1 minute, almost assembled.

Flying time: 15-30 seconds.

Flying distance: 10-25 meters far.

Flying height: 5-10meters.

Best flying angle: 30 degree from horizontal line.

Rubber band powered model of flapping-wing aircraft, all handmade, no electricity, fuel, can fly freely in the sky, flying gracefully like a real bird, flying good effect, but also not easy to break the bad, loved by children, more family of three provides a home for adults and children outdoor fun flying toys, model aircraft is also recommended teaching young people
So funny and eye-catching, even intelligence, just hot selling lucky bird!
One set of Ornithopter toy rubber band powered flying bird 308(cordless kite)includes: guide to flight, 4 different aircraft - 1 ornithopter, 1 rubber band powered balsa airplane, 1 balsa biplne glider and 1 balsa jet glider.

Powered by:
Rubber bands, no batteries needed.
DIY or not: DIY assembling model ornithopter.
For kids over 8 years old.

For kids over 8 years old, also great for adult.

English user instructions about how to assemble ornithopter flying bird toy model.
assembling instructions for ornithopter flying bird model toy

fly and adjustment for ornithopter flying bird model rubber band powered  

Playing place:
Suitable for playing outdoor at day time

Custom package:
customized package acceptable
Bulk package details:
itempackingcarton sizechargeable weightG.W./N.W.
ornithopter toy rubber band powered flying bird 308 10pcs/big plastic bag with instructions, 1000pcs/ctn53*49*40cm26kg26/25kgs

Individual package details:
itemindividual packingcarton sizeG.W./N.W.Chargeable weight
iron bird toy1pcs/opp bag with instructions, 500pcs/case50*45*45cm15/14kg21kg

Rubber bands powered flying bird ornithopter bulk package picture:
mechanical rubber band powered ornithopter bird toy bulk package

Individual package image:
iron bird flying ornithopter toy rubber band powered
ironbird individual package front side
iron bird ornithopter toy flying birds back side

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